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Congratulations to the 2024-25 New Board Members:

New Board Members 3-year Seat:
Casey Mills
Paul Koskovich
Priscilla Andersen

Retained Board Seat 2-year:
Cody Echols


Join us in some off-season fun designed to keep up your player's hockey skills. There are three levels of achievement for Skaters and Goalies on a Gold, Silver and Bronze scoring system.


  1. Please turn in weekly sheet to:
  2. Weekly total sheet must be submitted and verified by parent or guardian.
  3. If you participate in a camp, it counts for 100 pucks and 10 minutes of stick handling for the day.
  4. Stick handling can consist of Terry Cullen's stick handling circuit, SuperDeker, or stick handling on your own.
  5. Puck Club starts May 6th and ends October 1st, 2024
  6. There is a 30 minute maximum per day to catch up.

Weekly total sheet and Terry Cullen's stick handling circuit will be provided upon registration. For further details, question, or to register, please email:

**For younger skaters participating in any current puck club challenge, your progress will count towards this program.

Congratulations to the following 2024-25 Head Coaches, we look forward to an exciting season ahead!

Donnie Hallmark    Tykes

Brian Augustine      Mites

TJ Schulte          Squirt  Gold

Casey Mills       PeeWee Green

Brant Mozak       PeeWee Gold

Josh Strong         Bantam Gold

Additional Green coaches will be named after Try-outs.

Get your Driveway Logo!

If you'd like to have a logo added to your driveway please fill out the form link:




Giving to the communities they serve is what Mid American Energy is all about!  MidAmerican's incredible donation  to our Fill The Cup Rink Expansion Project is helping to make our campaign a reality! 


Siouxland Youth Hockey Fill the Cup Campaign

We have a big vision for our Ice Arena Expansion project and need your help to make it a reality. Siouxland Youth Hockey has experienced considerable growth. However, growth comes with challenges. The facility at IBP Ice Center no longer meets our growing needs. With the lack of locker room space, proper dedicated girl’s locker room and sufficient number of showers, we can no longer accommodate our skaters. Included in this expansion project are: * High School Locker Rooms * Girl’s Locker Room * Additional Youth Locker Rooms * Equipment Storage Room * Coaches Room Siouxland Youth Hockey has currently raised over $1.2 million towards the fundraising goal. We anticipate that once the project is complete, we will be able to host tournaments which in turn will provide funds to help sustain and expand our program.

SC Metros Nationals Division II Champions!

USA Hockey SafeSport Program & Consent to Screen

SYHA volunteers who will be in contact with players are required to complete the USA Hockey SafeSport Training Program and complete the Consent to Screen with MWAHA.  Volunteers required to complete this training and online consent form include, but is not limited to, board members, coaches, locker room monitors, and team managers.

You must have your USA Hockey number before starting the process.

  1. Register with USA hockey as a volunteer:
  2. New Safesport registration link:

Consent to Screen: register every year. Very Important:  

  1. Once you receive your USA Hockey number you will need to register as a volunteer for the association.  This also will help us with your consent to screen process.  Please register at the following link to volunteer with the association:


SYHA Board Meetings

Monthly meetings will be held at the Expo Center at 6pm every third Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted by the President.  If you would like to have an agenda item added, please send in writing 7-days prior.

Cody Echols

Ice Scheduler/Calendar

Bob Batchellor

Referee In Chief

Tiffany Kane

President, Tournaments, Website, Social Media

Phone: 712-259-6141

Honore Pittenger


Jesse Monell

Coaching Development

Brian Augustine

Coaching Director

New to Hockey? -- No Problem

First off, welcome.  We're here to answer any questions you might have about the sport and help you get started.  To begin with, let's answer the most basic question - Why Hockey?

  1. Hockey is a fantastic exercise -- Hockey is one of the best cardiovascular games your child could play.  Players are alternating between skating and rest at very rapid rates which makes hockey one of the best cardiovascular interval training sports.  This improves the speed at which your childs body brings oxygen to their muscles while burning tons of calories.  Hockey requires a high level of coordination; regular play can develop a child's gross motor skills, which leads to improvement with the more difficult fine motor skills, and improves eye-hand coordination, which can translate to a better understanding of spatial relationships.
  2. Hockey builds character - Since hockey is a team sport, children learn the value of working with others.  Very quickly, they will learn to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is the key to success.  Chiildren on hockey teams experience a team spirit that encourages trust, responsibility, sportsmanship and a strong sense of accomplishment.  These skills are essential as teammates turn into colleagues.  
  3. Hockey improves mental agility -- Hockey is an extremely fast sport in which children have to cope with changes in split-seconds.  Plays develop, momentum shifts and opportunity open and close in a blink of an eye.  A child in this sport will quickly adapt their mental agility to be able to recognize these opportunities and their concentration will improve.  In addition, hockey players will quickly begin to project mental imagery of not just what is going to happen, but what will happen next leading towards greater mental agility as well.

While the reasons above talk about why your child should play hockey, we as an association are dedicated to the cause of improving our youth and making them feel excited to play a sport that they will love.  We hope you'll join us next season and below we'll talk about how to get started.

Siouxland Youth Hockey