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We appreciate all who  attended the 2020-2021 SYHA Board of Directors election.  Congratulations to all of you and we look forward to a great hockey season. 

3-Year Terms                                                                                                                
Jenny Anderson
Tiffany Barrs Kane
Andy Pinney
Jodi McComick

2-year Terms
Jodi Netley
Scott Patrick
Ryan Solma

1-year Term
Amy Trosper

2020-2021 Head Coaches

Division Head Coach
IP House League Drake Beller
Tykes Sam Slagle
Mites Blayne Barrs
Squirt Green Dirk Richou
Squirt Gold Josh Stgrong
Pee Wee Green TBD
Pee Wee Gold Paul Fehl
Bantam Green TBD
Bantam Gold Ben Deck


Latest News

  • Travel Team Tryouts 2020-2021 August 14-16, 2020 is the weekend for the 2020-2021 Travel Team Tryouts for Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam age groups. Registration will be open in early summer.

SC Metros Nationals Division II Champions!

USA Hockey SafeSport Program & Consent to Screen

SYHA volunteers who will be in contact with players are required to complete the USA Hockey SafeSport Training Program and complete the Consent to Screen with MWAHA.  Volunteers required to complete this training and online consent form include, but is not limited to, board members, coaches, locker room monitors, and team managers.

You must have your USA Hockey number before starting the process.

  1. Register with USA hockey as a volunteer:
  2. New Safesport registration link:

Consent to Screen: register every year. Very Important:  

  1. Once you receive your USA Hockey number you will need to register as a volunteer for the association.  This also will help us with your consent to screen process.  Please register at the following link to volunteer with the association: 


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How To: Add the SYHA calendar to your iPhone/iPad

These instructions are iPhone/iPad specific.  All of the steps should be done from your phone/iPad

  1. Go to the Calendar page on the SYHA website
  2. Select only the team tags that you want on your calendar
  3. Click the Subscribe to iCal Feed button
  4. Copy the entire URL provided for your iCal
  5. Go to Settings
  6. Go to "Mail, Contacts and Calendars"
  7. Click Add Account
  8. Click Other
  9. In the Calendars section click Add Subscribed Calendar
  10. Paste in the URL you copied
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Save

It will take approximately 1 minute before you will see SYHA events show up on your calendar.

SYHA is now on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter at @SCYouthHockey for the most up to date announcements regarding Siouxland Youth Hockey.

Siouxland Youth Hockey

New to Hockey? -- No Problem

First off, welcome.  We're here to answer any questions you might have about the sport and help you get started.  To begin with, let's answer the most basic question - Why Hockey?

  1. Hockey is a fantastic exercise -- Hockey is one of the best cardiovascular games your child could play.  Players are alternating between skating and rest at very rapid rates which makes hockey one of the best cardiovascular interval training sports.  This improves the speed at which your childs body brings oxygen to their muscles while burning tons of calories.  Hockey requires a high level of coordination; regular play can develop a child's gross motor skills, which leads to improvement with the more difficult fine motor skills, and improves eye-hand coordination, which can translate to a better understanding of spatial relationships.
  2. Hockey builds character - Since hockey is a team sport, children learn the value of working with others.  Very quickly, they will learn to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is the key to success.  Chiildren on hockey teams experience a team spirit that encourages trust, responsibility, sportsmanship and a strong sense of accomplishment.  These skills are essential as teammates turn into colleagues.  
  3. Hockey improves mental agility -- Hockey is an extremely fast sport in which children have to cope with changes in split-seconds.  Plays develop, momentum shifts and opportunity open and close in a blink of an eye.  A child in this sport will quickly adapt their mental agility to be able to recognize these opportunities and their concentration will improve.  In addition, hockey players will quickly begin to project mental imagery of not just what is going to happen, but what will happen next leading towards greater mental agility as well.

While the reasons above talk about why your child should play hockey, we as an association are dedicated to the cause of improving our youth and making them feel excited to play a sport that they will love.  We hope you'll join us next season and below we'll talk about how to get started.