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“This is a great, fun game. So please allow situations like this to be a life lesson for your player. We all get cut, we all get fired. We are all told at some point in our lives that our services are no longer needed. Sports are a microcosm of life—life will go on if your player did not make the team. Let your player enjoy the game and play at a level that will allow him or her to flourish and want to play again next season.”

Angelo Ricci, Ricci Hockey Consulting

2017-2018 SYHA Travel Teams

Squirt Gold

Head Coach - Chris Hedquist

Hedquist, Ryan
Dirkschneider, Noah
Graham, Noah
Pinney, Jackson
Netley, Kaden
Bertrand, William
Monell, Avery
Schramm, Jake
Echter, Hunter
Tsiobanos, Demetrios
Cherkas, Logan
Dunagan, Blake
Patrick, Cameron
Zaber, Matthew

Squirt Green

Head Coach - Kyle Dirks

Droegmiller, Kolt
Steffe, Bristol
Trosper, Jax
Welch, Elie
Cornelsen, Tate
Sanders, Bryan
Gann, Claire
Clay, Ethan
Laird, Micah
Moninger, Gunner
Hope, Jonathon

Squirt White

Head Coach - Paul Fehl

Pittenger, Collin
Patefield, Parker
Ownby, Alec
Fehl, Logan
Hageman, David
Merchant, Tanner
Beller, Jacob
Roles, Nathan
Crum, Samuel
Saylor, Nathan

Pee Wee Gold

Head Coach - Ryan Solma

Solma, Nathan
Frigge, Cash
Bauer, Blaze
Ownby, Brayden
Fitch, Karson
Fuentes, Trenton
Fehl, Olivia
Harder, Grant
Heberer, Gilbert
Schramm, Jace
Tsiobanos, George

Pee Wee Green

Head Coach - Ben Deck

Patrick, Caiden
Deck, Ben
Kastning, Dylan
Droegmiller, Brody
McCune, Jack
Huebner, Ethan
Bunce, Gavin
Lake, Talon
Orosco, Collin
Herman, Brody
Ebner, Riley
Rozeboom, Kyler

Pee Wee White

Head Coach - Brad Elsea

Egdorf, Charlie
McCormick, Patison
McCormick, Garenn
Brannan, Zachary
Elsea, Spencer
Lewis, Eric
Fleek, Cooper
Jackson, Jaylen
Hansen, Cooper
Murry, Nathaniel
Swanson, Gunnar
Jackson, Bo

Bantam Gold

Head Coach - Chad Lynch

Mann, Chase
Andre, Colin
Woodbury, Tristan
Topf, Landon
Johnson, Carter
Barner, Kai
Hesse, Cade
Feenstra, Nathan
Lynch, Brenden
Anderson, Drake
Barker, Max
Vaydich, Mason
Hope, Joseph
Pittenger, Cale
Posson, Jake
Pittenger, Cayden
Devries, Keegan
Sanderson, Jack