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BACK ROW, L to R: Team Manager Carl Petronis (deceased Sioux City Police Officer), Tim Giesler, Jeff Jones, Bill Rhinehart, Dwight Packard, Mark Robinow, Dick Iverson, Mike Petronis, Rick Molden, Marcus Rotramel (deceased).

FRONT ROW, L to R: Ira Lebowitz, Al Nixa, Bobby Whiteside, Steve Geelan, Curtis Rapp, Duane Peterson , Robert Sutherland, Head Coach Tim McCann (goaltender for Sioux City Eagles). Not pictured assistant coach Joe Pinard (skater for Sioux City Eagles).

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Iowa High School Hockey League. Next season the League will change its name to the Midwest High School Hockey League. As a charter member of the IHSHL, SYHA had a high school team before the League was formalized. Pictured above is Sioux City's first team in 1972-73.

The picture was taken in the old Sioux City Auditorium. Notice the chain-link fence instead of glass and the wooden seats. The exit sign indicates where fans entered the arena, which also served as one of the team benches.

Thanks to Ira Lebowitz for submitting this photo. If you have other SYHA photos of historical significance, contact